Liz Rolling in StyleJust like every aspect of gambling strategy, attitude is a choice. You can opt to be positive, negative, or completely neutral, especially since the percentages of the casino games are always in control regardless of your emotions. Why bother getting worked up over the results when we all know that in the long run the house is always going to win anyway? Those numbers are built directly into each game after all, with the rules clearly posted for all to see.

It is perfectly true that the most pessimistic Debbie Downer who ever moped through the doors of a casino is just as likely to trigger the million-dollar slot machine jackpot as the “glass-is-always-half-full” person sitting at the machine next to them. By simple random chance the roulette ball is just as likely to fall on a black number for the “I-never-win-anything” pessimist, as it is to fall on a red number for the “never-had-a-bad-day-in-my-life” optimist.

The little bounding ball does not know the player’s attitude, but if you believe that it sometimes does (you’re probably right) stop reading here. Otherwise, please continue to learn how you can raise your head a little higher when walking amongst the tables.

Why a Positive Attitude Matters

The House may always win in the long run but they do not always generate revenues in the short term. There are skills that can be applied such as how to manage a bankroll, how to recognize when the odds are in your favor, and understanding which games can yield an advantage over random chance when played properly. Those with a positive attitude will seek out these skills and once acquired, that attitude breeds confidence.

From confidence springs a winning attitude: the belief that you are in control of your surroundings. Brick and mortar establishments are designed to be a cacophony of distractions with their flashing lights, constant noise, commotion, free-flowing liquor. It’s all designed to throw people off of their plans and inhibit their decision-making ability.

However, a confident player can block all of that out because they know the rules, they pre-calculated the odds, and know that they can make “the smart decision” time and time again. Then on those rare occasions when backing a long-shot injects some fun into the evening, confident people realize it is a “dumb decision” and factors that into their analysis. Sometimes you just have to let loose and throw caution to the wind.

Attitude Towards Losing

As we all know by now, the smart choice is not always the winning choice. If you gamble, you are going to lose eventually over time and some people even end up losing a lot. Of course, if you are losing far more than you win, you should probably start thinking of some other pastime that’s friendlier to your wallet, but that said, everyone understands that losses are a part of the activity.

Those who are successful learn to take big losses and losing streaks dispassionately, and this is where confidence is critical. Professionals need to believe in their skills and honestly evaluate the circumstances. If the perfect strategy has been followed in blackjack and the dealer pulls a 5 to make a 21, or that weak player at the end of the table hits a 4 on the River to give him Three-of-a-Kind while you’re battling head-to-head in Texas Hold ‘Em, well these things happen. Experts can always get beaten by luck, but those who win are confident enough to focus on the process and not the results.

The successful attitude breeds self-trust during the inevitable swings that everyone will experience over their lifetimes. If you quit after a couple of large losing hands you could be walking away from those big wins that are waiting just around the corner. Of course, misplaced optimism can be a false idol, so honest evaluation is as critical as confidence.

So, attitude is up to you. You can gamble with the sense that nothing you do will ward off the blows of fate, or you can learn the rules, hone your skills, and develop a winning attitude. No, you will not always walk away with fuller pockets, but the odds are you will eventually become a better bettor…or at least enjoy life a lot more when you inevitably lose.

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