Dean Martin StutzLas Vegas is a special city, that’s for damn sure. Visitors arriving in San Francisco or New York City usually have a checklist of things to see and places to eat but everyone landing at McCarran International Airport hits the ground committed to one thing: having fun. Obviously for most people “fun” arrives in the form of gambling on any number of table games, slot machines, or sporting events. However, most visitors also have something else in common: they lack an actual strategy. It’s rare, but some tourists actually do come to town with a plan, and these are usually the people who will get back on the plane with winnings in their pockets.

Some of the more foolish customers will have a “system” that they read about in a book or heard from a sketchy uncle – the one that the family isn’t “totally sure” about. Or maybe they’re planning to park themselves at the roulette table and play nothing but their lucky numbers. Perhaps they’ve heard that the one-armed bandits on the aisles are the loosest ones.

Whatever it is, people like to think that they have a winning strategy that will help them to come out on top, but most likely they’re going to be leaving town brokenhearted. That’s because none of these are proper strategies, with the possible exception of any proven ones in books that were written by real experts, and even then, it’s doubtful.

This gambling guide will take a look at the specific areas where successful bettors employ strategies and discipline, and it all begins with strict bankroll management. Even if you plan on losing money and chalking it up to “entertainment”, you’re still going to want to make that fun go on for as long as possible.

We’ll also cover the general rules at casinos because not all of them are created equal and the differences are usually in the fine print. Of course, Vegas is the place where there are “no rules”, which is why you are going there in the first place…and that is exactly what the Planet Hollywoods and the Golden Nuggets are counting on their customers thinking. They want you coming in cocky and giddy, and preferably with a few hard drinks in you, you know, just to loosen you up a bit.

We will also examine the “unwritten rules” – etiquette that everyone should know. Can good behavior actually help you win? Perhaps – if you believe in karma. Is there such a thing as winning “the right way?” Absolutely.

Finally, all of this strategy comes together with attitude. When you begin your session with a defeatist mindset and push the button on that slot machine it does not effect whether you win or not, right? The machine cannot tell that you are expecting to lose and that you don’t feel like a winner today. Or can it? Of course it can’t, but your attitude will directly influence your overall experience so you should be conscious of this as you’re first walking through the doors.

Each of the above sections are designed to help you get the most out of your wagering adventures so please read them carefully and make notes as you go. A little knowledge may be a dangerous thing, but some knowledge is better than no knowledge when it comes to betting in Las Vegas or anywhere online, so make sure that you’re well prepared beforehand.

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